About Us

From a dining room table to a full- fledged jewelry store, is the story of Zalman’s Treasures. The journey began thirteen years ago, when Brian and Anneke Zifkin started selling beaded jewelry and a small selection of gold rings from their home. They had no idea that one day they would have a storefront and a huge inventory stocked with high end fashion jewelry and watches.

As the business grew, the Zifkins needed to expand and moved to their present location in Oak Park on Coolidge Highway. In keeping with Brian’s personal credo, jewelry is meant to be enjoyed and worn, not stored away in a bank vault. Therefore, every piece purchased for the store is chosen for quality and affordability. At Zalman’s Treasures, every customer can find a beautiful selection of jewelry and still remain in their budget.

In addition to their spectacular collection of gold and diamond jewelry, Zalman’s Treasures features one of the largest collections of upscale sterling silver jewelry in Michigan. Perfect for special occasions or to compliment a casual outfit, sterling silver is both classic and affordable.

Zalman’s Treasures is a family run, community based business that offers exceptional customer service. From sales to repairs to appraisals, every one that walks in the store is serviced with a smile. Every customer is given personalized attention, and every item sold is backed by a store warranty. Whether the sale is a Cubic Zirconia or a 3 carat diamond, their mission is the same; the customer can expect outstanding customer service and quality goods.

Meet Our Staff

Anneke Zifkin, the President of Zalman’s Treasures, is responsible for the nuts and bolts of the business.  Balancing the books, hiring employees, and dealing with suppliers is only the tip of the iceberg. She single handedly runs the parent corporation, NCS Midwest, as well as a raising a family of five children. Together with her husband, Brian, the business has grown from their dining room table into a beautiful, full service jewelry store.

Brain Zifkin is the founder and Executive VP of Zalman’s Treasures. With his degree in Engineering from the University of Toledo, Brian uses his skills to design the show floor and display cases. He also created his AVI line of diamond jewelry and recently started manufacturing in Israel. Brian’s keen sense of business combined with his natural ability to “kibbitz,” makes him a natural in the jewelry business. Not content to sit behind a desk all day, Brian frequently travels around the Midwest searching for unique pieces to bring back to the store. Outside the jewelry world, Brian is a black belt in Karate and an avid fan of dogs and vintage cars.

Soshka Zifkin got her start in the jewelry business while she was still in
elementary school, working for her parents on Sundays and vacations. After high school, Soshka chose to attend the Gemological Institute of America in New York. She graduated as a certified Graduate Gemologist, GIA Graduate Pearls, and GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional. Soshka is now working for Zalman's Treasures as our in house gemologist and top sales associate.

Raizel Zifkin has been with the Zalman’s Treasures team since she was 9 years old. Growing up in a jewelry store, has given Raizel an innate sense of fashion and design. After graduating high school in 2015, Raizel won a scholarship to Specs Howard School of Media Arts. She completed the program with Honors and has become the key member of the team for graphic design and photography. Raizel creates all the ads for Zalman’s Treasures, and coordinates all of the social media sites for the store. Her red hair and vivacious personality add a youthful energy to the sales team and bring a fresh outlook to our marketing program.

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